Tales from the natural world

Bringing the songs of the natural world to life.  This is the beautiful debut release from Gemm.


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tales from the natural world

Tales from the natural world

This is the first solo EP from singer songwriter Gemm.

Having worked on various projects in the past - from electronica and soul to hiphop - this solo work is a bit different but draws on aspects of her past incarnations in her musical life.

Inspired by being in nature and working with the healing power of plants, Gemma began writing this collection of songs a few years ago.

" I was used to writing and working with other musicians and I loved doing that, but my life changed radically after the birth of my daughter.  I simply needed to be with her all the time so co-writing and even having any kind of band practice was pretty much out of the question. But the songs kept coming and the desire to write just wouldnt go away.  I settled for singing the ideas into an app on my phone and when my little one finally went to sleep, I would snatch that precious time to get the ideas and basic vocals on my home studio set up before she woke up again."

Time went on and after writing a large collection of songs, 5 were chosen to be the first EP release.  'Tales from the natural world (part 1)' was recorded at Gracieland Studios in Rochdale.  This melodic pop/folk debut features piano, cello and vocals on a backdrop of occasional soundscapes and drums.

Gemm is currently recording her next album which will feature more of the songs from this collection. She plans to release it in 2018. Meanwhile this record is the first of many. Enjoy!